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What is SenseCamp and how does it MakeSense?

People keep asking me what is this “MakeSense” thing and why do you keep spamming our newsfeed about it? Besides it being one of the most commonly used expressions to either Make Sense of something, or to appreciate another person’s point of … Continue reading

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Nice Art

found at INDIEARTH

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When you strip away everything fantastical and bring it down to its root, from the very first page of the very first book it was about overcoming feelings of unworthiness. An orphan who had to fight against his feelings of … Continue reading

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Cracking the Code

The Ted Prize 2013 was awarded to Sugata Mitra this week for his incredible experiments with “hole in the wall” computer terminals that were randomly placed in slum areas without any instructions or supervision. He found that it took no time … Continue reading

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Not Your Average Job Interview

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Buddha, Buddhism and Ambition

Is Entrepreneurial Ambition and a Buddhist Path at odds? This is a question I was trying to figure out myself. Luckily I stumbled upon a very interesting paper that set the records straight. “The Buddha was the most active and … Continue reading

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Social Enterprise Showcase: Fresh Truck

Increasing access to sustainable fresh fruit & vegetables to rural communities outside the Boston Area. With a fun, innovative and “fresh” approach with music, technology and affordable pricing. It’s a simple but exciting idea to increase health consciousness and sustainability … Continue reading

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Space Monkeys

Greetings from outer space. fascinating:   This is recorded onboard the International Space Station.

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Cosmic Grace

sound    |    vision

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Inspired Sound: Max Cooper

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