What is SenseCamp and how does it MakeSense?

People keep asking me what is this “MakeSense” thing and why do you keep spamming our newsfeed about it? Besides it being one of the most commonly used expressions to either Make Sense of something, or to appreciate another person’s point of view “Ah, that MakeSense”. 


MakeSense started as a way to bridge the gap between people with skills and expertise and others with the passion for an ideas. Linking together those who work in a more structured job, day dreaming about doing something more meaningful, and those crazy guys with the guts to stand on their chair yell out a profanity and jump out the window. Diving head first into the unknown, heart pounding they are fuelled by their stubbornness to fight against “the norm”, in favour of what feels right. Daring to become a “Social Entrepreneur”.

The Disrupter, The Business Hacker, The Unreasonable Man/Woman, call em what you will. They are the people  who say “I am going to use my laptop, networks, creativity and determination to improve the world that I and people around me inhabit”.

If you are looking at education it could mean giving children the support they need to get into university through alumni mentoring (Future First), or helping students raise money once they get accepted (studentfunder), or helping them take better notes when they get there (unishared/videonot.es), or completely changing the curriculum of how and what they study (senseschool), or helping teachers teach better (Guru-G), or even opening up education using the web to give top quality education to people around the world who can’t afford it (Coursera). The story goes on…

The story of how Social Entrepreneurs around the world are plugging the holes, mending the cracks and, in many cases, building bridges over large gaps to fix up broken systems that exist in our bruised society. Their practical optimism is what sets them apart from those head-in-the-clouds optimistic do-gooders and the pessimistic pure profit seekers.  They set their sights on high social benefit but use business deals, corporate partnerships and market forces to get there, recognising that if these are correctly aligned they can get the growth and reach they dream of. They see that they can actually have a direct hand in consciously shaping the society that we live in. By building businesses that move us closer to a more human oriented future while still make enough money to live well.

A stark contrast to  the blind drive to collect every penny at any cost- as we see in a world where people are met with violence because they prefer a park to a shopping mall. (Did they not see Avatar?)

Stripping away all the jargon- MakeSense is a community of amazing people doing amazing things. We exist online and offline and work hard in our spare time to propel this movement. We connect the dots between different layers of the ecosystem and to others across the world. Our mission is to get social entrepreneurs the ideas, support, and connections they need from the right people that will help them get to where they want to go. We have meetups (sensedrinks), problem solving (hold-ups), implementation (hacksense) and even send out probes to explore unknown space (sensetour). To bring it all together we have SenseCamp.

For one day every few months we bring together people from different countries, cities, accents and upbringings. From artists to lawyers, bankers to designers and everything that falls in between. We bring together the experienced wise experts, enthusiastic starters and those on the fringe- just mildly curious. We welcome them all to our camp and treat them like family. Open source, flat, democractic, flexible, and above all we feed them vibes of positivity. We are all in this together, you are not alone. We are next to you and behind you, and we are your biggest fans. Whether you are a player, a coach, a manager or a spectator, mingling and working together we will be able to achieve our ever so unreasonable goals. Driven by something that is greater than the sum of our parts. That desire to MakeSense of a senseless world.

So come and join us on the 8th of June for Sensecamp UK

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