Buddha, Buddhism and Ambition

Is Entrepreneurial Ambition and a Buddhist Path at odds? This is a question I was trying to figure out myself. Luckily I stumbled upon a very interesting paper that set the records straight.

“The Buddha was the most active and energetic religious teacher. He advised people to use their skills and knowledge in their daily life. A Buddhist should not lead a lazy and easy life and blame it on Buddhism for any of his/her failures. A good Buddhist has the quality of VIRIYA – energy. Buddhists must strive for perfection. They must not delay doing something by finding excuses like it is too hot or it is too cold. The Buddha’s advice to lay people was not to go to either extremes of sensual pleasure or self torture to practise a religion. Everyone must try to lead a happy, harmless and peaceful life. Buddhism is known as the Middle Path.”

Article: Is it wrong to be ambitious in a Buddhist frame of being?

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