Film: Looper


Time Travel has always been such an exciting concept to play around with. For me the fixation probably began with Marty Mcfly in Back To The Future. Since then I’ve been fascinated with the idea and it’s different interpretations: The Butterfly Effect, LOST, Heroes, Harry Potter, JJ’s Star Trek, Time Traveler’s Wife etc etc.

The fundamental question that always comes up is: can we change the past to change the future? Or has the future’s manipulation of the past already happened? Are we on an inevitable path of Fate & Destiny or can we exercise our Free Will by making different decisions that create alternative (not always better) outcomes.

Looper was an unexpectedly great and well thought out movie that plays with all the familiar concepts in really new and interesting ways. For example everyone knows that the golden rule of time travel is YOU DO NOT MEET YOUR SELF. Well, Looper looks that one squarely in the eye and defies it.

A very well executed film with a really great cast, clever style (nostalgia for simpler times in a futuristic world) and a thought out story line that doesn’t run ahead of itself. As a bonus it is filled with honest “i didn’t expect that” moments that keeps you guessing on how it’s going to end. A modern rarity.

Sorry Nolan you got beat this year.

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