Helios: The Gaslamp Killer

Assigned to Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder Label he is known as the crazy-eyed crazy-haired  Low End Theory L.A resident. I posted a video of him earlier on the blog. The music he creates his haunting mid-eastern influenced blended form of sci-fi hip hop dubstep. you can’t classify fairly.

whats so great about him? here’s an exerpt from a recent interview

GLK: “For me, I don’t partake in any drugs or alcohol and have not for 4 months. I am trying to continue to do so for a while. I’m focused on feeling energy from the audience and I’m addicted to that high and I want to share my music with as many people as I can, perform for as many people as I can. I find that that’s what makes me most happiest in the world; is creating music and playing it for people. Being able to play my friends’ music for large crowds and stuff like that. It’s what moves me, it’s what drives me. That’s what I enjoy the most, that’s what gets me going.

I find that young people are pretty much the same all over the world. Everybody goes to shows to escape. Everybody goes to hear music to try to catch some kind of spirit and be free from their stress and their worry and their day to day issues and their humanity. The reason why I go out to hear music is because we don’t have tribal ceremonies anymore where everybody gets together and a band will lead a community into a trance. We don’t have that anymore but human beings are constantly looking for that peace inside them. They’re constantly looking for that togetherness. They’re constantly looking to go into trance with their community and find freedom in their spirit and their mind without having to be locked in their body that has to go to work everyday and has to deal with the dramas of boys and girls and relationships, and has to go through all this stupid bullshit. We just want to be let free from that and everybody’s trying to get that from going out and myself included.

We don’t have that tribal society where that happens anymore and I think that’s a integral part of humanity and being a human being in general. Like wanting to escape your body and be free. I believe that is what drives people who generally are broke and can’t even afford a movie ticket, they would rather pay to go to a show and break free in a show. That’s where they want to spend their money even if they’re are hella broke they still wait in line and pay for Low End Theory because they want to be a part of that and I think all of us as human beings need that.”


I love that spirit and agree with his sentiments. We do want something to belong to, a tribe, we want to express ourselves through our hips and feet. We may live organised, calculated lives but once in a while we just want to lose it to a ridiculous beat in a crowd where no is watching or caring. Momentarily transported to a different planet.

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