Helios: Building Character

A friend of mine asked me recently who are my heroes. I have many in the various genres that matter to me in my life – Social Entrepreneurs, Community Leaders, Activists, Artists, Ted Speakers, Thought Pioneers

Heroes are those who rise up to meet their human potential, driven by true intent and passion. For me, in addition to that, a hero is someone who remains grounded and level headed whether they are in the highs of success of the depths of failure. Those empowered yet sensitive individuals that manage to maintain a sense of humility even as they surf the waves of success. It’s not an easy task not to be pulled by the blackholes of fame and fortune but those who surpass it hold my utmost respect. The kind of people who, despite being engaged in a million different ways simultaneously, will take time to talk to strangers, to children and look each one squarely in the eye. Those people who will meet you once and remember your name, and give you their full attention when they converse with you. Heroes are those whose minds are open to others, while also having strong conviction for themselves and their own work. That stand on that super fine balance between confidence and arrogance.

As I said I have many many heroes in all different sectors of life. As I continue to curate this blog I want to showcase some heroes that inspire me and try to extract why. As stated somewhere before, this blog mainly for myself and in this case I want to do this in order to remind myself what makes a great character.

For me anyone is a hero if they communicate through their soul, if they tap into that creative energy that everyone has and craft something out of it. Whether it’s a business or a music track, the diversity of expression colours our world.

1. Mary Anne Hobbs

2. The Gaslamp Killer

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One Response to Helios: Building Character

  1. Nikita says:

    Well said Ro! I also feel if you look around, you will see heroes everyday…ordinary people leading extraordinary lives… like the team at Seva Mandir and similar organisations.. inspiring you to lead better, stronger, higher lives…. !

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