Burning Man 2012: Singularity Transmissions

As Burning Man 2012 approaches I want to highlight the most inspiring part of Black Rock City- the Installation Art that is scattered across the Desert. People spend over a year preparing, conceptualising and building these enormous projects with a team of designers, engineers, constructors and other creatives to bring these wacky ideas to life.



“Singularity Transmissions is a sculptural interactive tower designed to simultaneously converge the voices of up to 15  individuals into one unified transmission through the use of tin-can phones. The crude analog phone  transmission is recorded digitally  at the towers soundboard apex in real-time and output into a womb-like listening chamber at the towers base. The echoing quality of the purely analog and nostalgic tin can phone brings the participants back to a  simpler thread of humanity. Experiencing  the listening chamber one may pick up the intimate vibrations of a subtle song, a boisterous speech, a declaration of humanity, or screams of exuberance all layered upon each other in a Playa stream of consciousness.”


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