Start-Up Britain (and the rest of the world)

It seems there is a trend growing momentum of people that are leaving big corporate companies (lets be fair, not always out of choice) and decide to join a Start-Up instead. People with the real cojones risk it all to start their own while others are happy to seek out existing ones in order to still participate in something dynamic, cool and innovative. In a recent article by Fast Company they list out 8 reasons why it might be better to join a Start-Up than a larger company.

At a recent Social Enterprise conference I attended one of the speakers discussed that for the last 5-10 years UK’s economy hasn’t been scaling up but scaling out – a great rise in the number of micro enterprises. In London there has been a lot of focus on the “Silicone Roundabout” in what David Cameron is calling Tech City where there is an intense concentration of tech start-ups (currently 1,153) which has motivated Google to nestle in cozily with a 7-storey building in the vicinity.  

A lot of major Multinationals, Banks and Newspapers worldwide are joining the party by sponsoring (and seen to be supporting) business competitions where winners receive seed funding to get their concepts off the ground. It definitely seems like this trend is growing like wild fire.

Back to those of you with potential cojones there is also a really great resource i discovered recently called Startup Britain which seeks to provide budding entrepreneurs with all the tools for which ever stage you are at.

“a major new enterprise initiative launched today by the UK Government and StartUp Britain, called ‘Business in You’. 2012 has been hailed as the ‘year of enterprise’ for British small businesses”

Also if you need a place to work that doesn’t stir up anxieties of Cabin Fever and also not your local gossip hub starbucks have a look at some co-working spaces in your area where lonesome entrepreneurs work side by side sharing creative energies and venting frustrations.

The web is loaded with more useful websites and tips dedicated to aspiring entrepreneurs .

For those wishing to participate in what is already out there, from personal experience I recommend joining in even if you havn’t discovered your passion or yet figured out your genius revolutionary idea.   I was lucky enough to work at Mirakle Couriers for a year in Mumbai where everyday was certainly a struggle of madness but it all was met with sweet sweet rewards.

The most compelling argument I’ve heard recently is that the most exciting, relevant and challenging learning happens simply by doing. In the same way we are here to experience life.


**Nota Bene: please be cautious of the buzzword weilding too cool for school Start-Up hipster. Creativity is great but it should probably be kept away from douchebags. (see the videos below)

Social Enterprise

Advertising Media Tech

Before these make you run away from this world completely please revisit the awesome youtube clip i posted the other day by Larry Smith


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