Pay Attention

Invisible Children

there has been a lot of talk about how good or bad invisible children is. people discussing that these self-indulgent Californian chill dude types waste so much money on this film, they get carried away with their fame and popularity rather than the true cause. I think many valid arguments can be ping ponged on both sides of the fence, but I think drawing attention to these truly unjustifiable crimes against (young) humanity should be the focus of the conversation. For a well-budgeted film that uses a generous budget to powerfully get its point across and bring about wide scale awareness I think it does a damn good job. I think regardless of the criticism and there are quite a few, I am glad this exists. See the video, read the critque and then make up your own mind- donate/dont donate, participate/dont participate, spread it/dont spread it, love it/hate it but at least now we all know who Joseph Kony is, and isn’t that just the point?

also check out what the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has to say about the Kony2012 campaign

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