Amon Tobin – ISAM Video Cube live in london

Back in June I went to see Amon Tobin’s live rendition of his latest album. Apart from the album itself being created from non-existent instruments (Tobin mucking around with boxes, buttons, recorded material and lots of tweaking), his live show promised to take things to the next level.

A large abstract cubic structure built around a dj box was commissioned by Tobin to create an immersive experience to go along with his new album tour. Some of the world’s finest design and technical experts at V Squared Labs took to its innovation.

The result was insane. Rather than a concert it was like watching a digital play about space exploration through lights and sounds. The 3D projection morphed around this cubic structure and took us on an adventure that begins with a space craft taking off, blasting us all into space. With each new song we encounter different conditions: colors, textures, machines, creatures, serenity, hostility, space-cold loneliness. But instead of it just being visuals to accompany the music, it almost feels like Amon had these vision in his head before working on these abstract sounds he created. The whole experience was a total stimulation of the senses, leaving you with that speechlessness of a really great play or film or better: an experience.

Below you can see them showing off, flexing their muscles, demonstrating what they are capable of during the encore with my favorite song Horsefish

the best part is no stupid glasses! I am very excited to see what others can learn from this and build on top of it.

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